International Children's Online Painting Competition 2018
in memory of Clint
Picture of Edmund Thomas Clint

Frequently Asked Questions

Any child aged between 4 and 16 years, (born on/after 01.09.2002 and on/before 01.09.2014) from any corner of the world can participate in the competition.
You can register yourself as a promoter, any child joining the competition on the basis of your recommendation will be added to your credit and promoters pushing maximum entries can also get complimentary tour packages for visiting Kerala.
Anybody who has attained the age of 18 can register as a promoter for this contest. The act is voluntary, and no remuneration of any nature will be paid to promoters.
No, entry to this competition is free!
The participant is expected to paint a picture manually on paper using crayons, color pencils or paint and brush or sketch pens. Any picture generated with digital, electronic or mechanical tools will not be accepted for the competition. The picture should then be digitized by any mode and uploaded to the Kerala Tourism contest page (file size cannot exceed 5 MB).
The entrant can register only once but she/he can submit upto five entries, if she/he desires to do so.
The theme of the competition is Kerala! The painting can be anything related to Kerala. For your reference, we have created video and photo brochures with beautiful pictures and videos. You will get everything you need here.