International Children's Online Painting Competition 2018
in memory of Clint
Picture of Edmund Thomas Clint

How to Participate

  1. Children (born on/after 01.09.2002 and on/before 01.09.2014) from any part of the world can join this competition.
  2. There is no fee for participating in this painting competition.
  3. Since this is for children (4-16 years), the parent or guardian should submit the registration form on behalf of them.
  4. On registration, the registrant gets an email for verification.
  5. Once the registrant clicks on the verification code, the registration is complete.
  6. The theme of the painting competition is 'Kerala'. The participant can paint any aspect of Kerala.
  7. The painting should be on paper made with brush and paint manually. The participant can use any color material of their choice (water color, crayons, etc.).
  8. Once the painting is completed, the guardian or parent must login to the page for competition in Kerala Tourism website and submit a scanned image of your painting. The file size of the painting should not be more than 5 MB.
  9. The last date for submission of the entry is 31st January 2019.
  10. The entrant can register only once but she/he can submit more than one entry, if she/he desires so, subject to maximum of five. However, all the entries of one entrant should be submitted under one login id.
  11. If the legal guardian or parent wants to register for more than one entrant, it should be registered with different email ids. In other words, only one entrant can be registered with one email id.

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