Kerala Tourism Partnership Meets 2013-2014

Partnership Meets - Tier I Cities

Partnership Meets are effective B2B platforms where the travel and Hospitality Trade from Kerala including Hoteliers, Tour operators, House boat operators, Home stays and Ayurveda centres meet tour operators & travel agents in selected cities in India which are the potential markets for Kerala. It is a full day business event which envisages the promotion of Kerala Tourism via public privatepartnership and enables buyers from target cities to understand and explore Kerala.

The show will be held in the best available venue in that destination preferably in a premium banquet space. Table spaces with the provision of seating for two persons on each side will be allotted to the participants from Kerala who register and pay the required participation fee to Kerala Tourism. Kerala Tourism will be inviting the tour operators and travel agents of the source market to the Partnership Meets to attend as buyers.

The sellers, ie., the Kerala trade members will have to make their own arrangements for their travel, accommodation etc... at their own cost.

Partnership Meets - Tier I 2014 Schedule

    Sl. No.     Cities     Dates
    1.     Bangalore     Tuesday, 7th Januray
    2.     Chennai     Thursday, 9th January
    3.     Coimbatore     Tuesday, 21st January
    4.     Mumbai     Thursday, 6th February
    5.     Delhi     Wednesday, 12th February
    6.     Guwahati     Tuesday, 18th February
    7.     Kolkota     Friday, 21st February
    8.     Hyderabad     Tuesday, 25th February

Participation fee 

    Sl. No.     No. of shows Current year proposed rate (per city @ Rs. 9000) Discount for Current Year In Rs Final rate after discount
    1.     1 city 9,000      0      9,000     
    2.     2 cities 18,000      2,000      16,000     
    3.     3 cities 27,000      3,000      24,000     
    4.     4 cities 36,000      4,000      32,000     
    5.     5 cities 45,000      7,000      38,000     
    6.     6 cities 54,000      12,000      42,000     
    7.     7 cities 63,000      17,000      46,000     
    8.     8 cities 72,000      22,000      50,000     

Programme Flow and Timings

  • Kerala Trade registration and table allotment starts at 9.30 am
  • Buyers are invited for business session from 10 am to 5.30 pm
  • Media registration starts at 12.30 noon
  • Cultural Show and Press Meet from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
  • Lunch for Media and trade at 2.00 pm
  • Business session resumes at 3.00 pm & continues till 5.30 pm
  • Business session ends at 5.30 pm
  • Cultural show starts at 5.40 pm and ends at 6.15 pm


Highlights of the Meets

  • Effective one-to-one interactions
  • Comprehensive business hours
  • Hot deals and prizes for buyers
  • Theme based venue branding
  • Lunch & hi-tea for the trade

Hot Deals

Hot deals are the best offers/schemes provided by the sellers (Kerala Trade, comprising of hoteliers, resorts, tour operators and travel partners) participating in the coming domestic tier-1 city partnership meets. The deals would be offered exclusively for 6 - 8 hours of business session in the particular city. The objective is to further induce the buyers to visit more sellers and conduct business spontaneously. The buyer would be tempted to buy these deals as they are exciting, only available during the meet and also will win gifts for every 5, 10 or 15 deals he buys.

Special discount

For all properties with 10 rooms and below, an additional discount of 15 % will be given on the actual rates shown above.

Last date for registration: 10th December 2013

Please feel free to contact Smt. D. Kamalamma, Tourist Information Officer, Directorate of Tourism for any assistance in this regard. Contact No: 0471 - 25 60 426, 427; 09446128948