Come Out and Play

  Come out and Play

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Look up from that glaring screen. Get off that cosy seat. Unplug the idiot box. Step out of your glass cubicle. Log out of the virtual world. Leave the everyday behind. Leap over fences and wayward streams. Bike through picture book villages. Catch up with the kids. Bathe an elephant. Cross a log bridge. Chase a flock of ducks. Make new friends. Live. Laugh. Love. Get wet. Get a life. Come out and play, India.

Disconnect and rediscover nature. Reach out and rekindle relationships. Step out and reconnect with life. Start a new way of life. #ComeOutAndPlay.

What's your play?

Comb The Beach

Sleep in a shack and wake up to the hissing of the waves. Enjoy the sky's shifting palette at daybreak. Take an impromptu surfing class or a yoga lesson. The sea has many a surprise in store for you, so be curious. Make friends with the fisherman. Go through their fresh catch. Walk along the water at sundown. Watch the crabs dig holes in the sand. Pick up seashells, make a pendant and carry the sea around your neck.

Visit A Spice Plantation

Take a leisurely stroll at a spice plantation. Let the heady scent of cardamom nudge you awake. Touch the coarse bark of a cinnamon tree. Hold a ripe cocoa pod in your hands. Keep an eye out for pepper vines. Gather a few spices or bargain at a local spice store. Before you leave, learn the basics of Kerala cuisine and incorporate these alluring smells into a robust beef roast or a fragrant chicken stew.

Surf The Waves

Grab your multicoloured surfboard. Head to the restless azure sea cocooned between swaying coconut palms. Wait for the sea's invitation, wrestle with the tides and then ride the biggest wave. For afters, order an assorted seafood platter to satisfy your rumbling tummy at a beachside shack.

Go For A Swim

Leave your worries on the bank of the river. Dive deep into the refreshing water. Splash and play, practice that butterfly stroke. Take a lap or five, race from the shore to the beginning of the mangrove marshes. Spend time under a sky of incredible blue. Watch the mahout scrub his pachyderm clean.

Climb A Coconut Tree

Discover the many avatars of coconut after which the state earns its name. Learn the two ways of climbing the coconut tree – the laborious one using a thalappu and the modern way using a fancy instrument. Sip the freshness off a tender coconut. Watch a native slice off a wedge from the side of the coconut and scoop the tender coconut cream for you.

Get An Ayurvedic Massage

Begin the day with sunrise yoga. Follow it up with holistic massages tailored to your body's needs. Take long walks on dew-kissed lawns. Let the ancient wisdom heal you. Turn the focus inward with peaceful meditation sessions.

Stroll Through Tea Gardens

Trudge along the meandering lanes with a burlap sack. Pluck tender tea leaves straight off the plants. Follow the scent of bruised tea leaves. Head to a tea factory and track the magical journey of a leaf from the hilltop to your porcelain cup.

Sail On A Houseboat

Start a new journey in life as you drift along Kerala's myriad waterways. Get a quick introduction to fishing. Feast on a freshly caught pearl spot. Watch the village life scenes up and close from the edge of the houseboat. Count the stars, bath in twilight and let the soothing breeze lull you to sleep.

Go On A Trek

Hire your trekking gear or bring your own. Struggle to find your way up through many a slippery rock. Breathe, sip water and pause to listen to the call of cicadas from the forests above. Clamber up and greet the sun. Uphill, find a different kind of treasure - a famed flower that blooms once every 12 years, the orange sun caught between the hills, and billowing clouds that are just a stone's throw away.

Get Drenched In A Waterfall

Pack a picnic. Spread a large mat in the greenery where the stream drops into a pool. Lie on your stomach and read a book. Sit cross-legged and soak in the serenity. Later, take a flight of stairs to the base of the waterfall. Get drenched under a stunning cascade.

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#ComeOutAndPlay C​hallenge

  1. Step out of your home or office
  2. Engage in some activity with your friends/family or all by yourself. It can be a parking lot cricket match, hopping on one leg, slow cycling, ​crossing a log bridge without falling off or whatever you can think of.
  3. Photograph or film your challenge.
  4. Share it on social media and tag those whom you would like to challenge to come out and play.
  5. Don't forget to add the hashtag #ComeOutandPlay, so that we get to know about it.