This planet we are on nurtures over 7 billion inhabitants on a daily basis. While its marvels are beyond the realm of any one person’s imagination, it is easy to notice the damages that are being caused on each and every front, due to the rise in population and the spread of civilization. Even the uninhabited corners of Mother Earth are now being turned into urban centres, and this affects the fragile balance that has kept the planet afloat this entire time.

Tourism is a great bonding element, mixing and mashing cultural experiences from across the world. People gain empathy for those they may have nothing in common with, with places their ancestors may never have heard of or traditions they could never have even dreamt of. Ecologically responsible tourism that give importance to Nature and those activities which are ecologically sustainable where education and interpretation are major components is commonly known as Ecotourism.

True to its name, ecotourism in Kerala ensures responsible travel to nature to create awareness among the travelers on the need for conservation of the environment with the help of local people, who are mostly tribals. Each of the destinations earmarked for the purpose caters to the tastes of both ardent nature lovers and those adventurers who want to live their lives on the edges. Programmes that give importance to livelihood of local people is one of the highlights of Ecotourism.

Even with a small share of its natural treasures explored Kerala is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Now the ecotourism destinations unfasten doors to more exciting getaways for the traveler to see and savour nature from close quarters.

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