Bhoothathankettu is a dam that also doubles as a tourism spot attracting a large number of people around the year with its picturesque views, bountiful nature and of course the myths pervading it. The Malayalam name Bhoothathankettu means, 'monster fort', which throws light to that legend pervading the crude dam built by the demons. 

Myths as the star attraction

Everything was almost set. If the demons would have it their way, with their plan working without any hitches, the Trikkariyoor temple down below would be drowned in the deluge. Throw in a few more boulders into the water, the Periyar River can be completely dammed, the flood would begin, they rubbed their arms in excitement. But they should do it before the sunrise, because all their strength, being demons, would evaporate at the first light from the east. Poor demons. What they didn’t know was the fact that Lord Siva, the presiding deity of Trikkariyoor was closely behind them watching, knowing it all from the beginning. He played a little trick on the demons by sending a rooster, which cried sending false alerts of an approaching dawn. Panicked, the demons fled the scene before they could complete the dam and the temple was saved. You don’t believe this myth! Come, somewhere down this river they say there is a place where the river is constricted by big boulders but for a little gap that testifies for the botched up work of demons on that night. You need to follow this river up to see it.

The Tipu connection

History records that it was a flood in Periyar that checked Tipu Sultan’s military advancement in Kerala. When he and his forces came and settled for a night or two on the banks of Periyar at Aluva, a small group of patriotic men managed to go upstream and break the walls of Bhoothathankettu causing heavy flood. Tipu had to return in despair.

The myths and bits of history that saturate the place, Bhoothathankettu conspires to lure the tourists to see what is hidden in the Old Bhoothathankettu, which is a bit far away. The picnic spot itself offers various entertainment activities for the tourists.


The place is situated outside the village of Pindimana, about 10 kms from Kothamangalam and 50 km from Kochi.

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