When you think of Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, it could be its lions that first come up to your mind. In the drive inside the sanctuary in a forest department vehicle, you could see the big cats lazing on the shadows of a tree, carefree, watching you with half-opened eyes of sheer unconcern. You can’t stop wondering, what would be their mood like, had there been no vehicle between you and them!

The 128 sq km Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary that stretches from Neyyatinkara Taluk to Mundanthurai Tiger reserve in Tamilnadu attracts a lot of tourists around the year.

Though the lion safari park is one of the main attractions of the Sanctuary, Neyyar also offers many other facilities for the tourists who want to get close to nature. Take the sprawling lake that has boating facilities. You can sit back and lap up nature in the most carefree mood as the boat skips through the water. Add to that the presence of a deer park and a crocodile rehabilitation and research centre, and now you know why this place is much preferred by the tourists in all seasons.

Flora and Fauna

Tropical evergreen forest, moist deciduous forest, hill forests and even reed thickets form the sanctuary, you notice in a trek inside the woods. Neyyar is so alive with different forms of life. It is home to more than a hundred species of animals, like elephants, tiger, leopard, sloth beer, deer, many varieties of reptiles and amphibians.

The sheer variety of birds and butterflies in the region makes the region an endearing haven for nature enthusiasts.

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