Perumthenaruvi Waterfalls

Perhaps it could be because of the presence of a holy temple  (Sabarimala) near, Perumthenaruvi too basks in its own myths.  To begin with, you may wonder how the waterfall gets that strange name - Perumthenaruvi - which means in English, the river of honey. Only when you get to this place you see the reason hanging down from branches of trees and rocky ledges. Ten kilometers from Erumeli, where the annual pilgrimage to the temple begins, Perumthenaruvi is located in the dense Sabarimala forest.

The first thing you notice as you get near the falls is the sheer number of beehives in the locality. What do bees find so attractive in Perumthenaruvi, you ask aloud! Is it because of the pristine nature of the woods, which are not yet desecrated by the presence of civilization? We hardly may come to any convincing answer, but at least we know how the name Perumthenaruvi has come to be.

Perumthenaruvi is about 10 km from Erumeli

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