Peruvannamuzhy is a picturesque village in Kozhikode district set amidst the hills of the Western Ghats. Time goes slow like a snail in quaint villages like this where you can sit all evening on the banks of along-winding river watching how those luminous clouds glide across the fading blue of a sky. Or gazing at the crests of the distant mountains that refuse to leavethe last traces of a setting sun. A bird cries for its partner to get home.

Take a deep breath and feel its air redolent with spices. But what makes it famous is not its status as a little hamlet, which is out of sync with the hustle and bustle of other places in the state, or it being the right place to cultivate spice crops, but Peruvannamuzhy is more known as home to one of the most beautiful dam sites in Kerala.

The lake

Set against a beautiful forest, and the blue mountains beyond, the lake beckons you to enjoy its placid waters on a calm evening like this, where you can regret in leisure, at the kind of fast and careless life you have led until you come here. The place is the perfect picnic spot for your family as well. The cozy climate welcomes you in almost every season. The very sight of the uninhabited islands in the lake, lends your soul coolness after all its dull transactions with the world.  A crocodile farm and a snake park visit will engage you for the whole day. Or if you want to leave the land and watch it all from over the rocking waves, the reservoir provides speedboat and rowboats for the tourists.

Take one, and peer your eyes through the mist to spot a lone gaur wandering out from the thick foliage to quench its thirst.

Flora and fauna

As an ecological hotspot, Peruvannamuzhy (Peruvannamuzhi) which is part of the Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary is highly regarded for its rich flora and flora. More than 680 species of rare plants grow in the woods. The forest is also home to many wild animals like brown palm civet, elephants, tigers, gaurs, leopards, Nilgiri Langur etc. A trek into the woods may take you across exciting places, like those elephant corridors, along which herds of the big animalusually treadthrough the jungle for food and water. Birds like Malabar parakeet, white-bellied blue flycatcher, grey-headed bulbul make this place exotic for the nature lovers. A tweet could sometimesmake your heart leap with joy. The lake is all alive with many kinds of fish and is also home to certain amphibians rarely found anywhere else.

The damsite is about 16 kms away from Kuttiyadi. 

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