Thusharagiri Waterfalls

The water cuts your skin like ice shards, but, without a wound. This is pure ecstasy; you’d thank your stars profusely for keeping this gem of a place on your path somewhere deep in the woods and in your life. A bird wakes up somewhere near and pours itself forth into a song. You take another dip in the stream, taking half the birdsong to a muffle, and on the riverbed, you could now see pebbles glazing in the faint morning light that trickles in through the canopy and the surface of water. Where am I! You wonder, losing all your sense of orientation for a while.

You are in the bliss-pool by a cascade at Thusharagiri, one of the most beautiful destinations in Kozhikode. Your entire trek through the woods in the early morning to reach this stream, and drench yourself in water is finally justified, as you take another dip. But no, the fun doesn’t stop here in Thusharagiri, for in this place, cascades come not in single, but in merry battalion.

The place is located in Kozhikode

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