BRDC or Bekal Resorts Development Corporation Limited is an ideal project developed by the state in 1995. BRDC was set up to improve the tourism standards of Bekal and bring International attention to this invigorating piece of land, which it rightly deserves. The practices adopted by the project focus on environment-friendly and ecologically viable methods of tourism development. The parameters observed for such methods include studying the carrying capacity of the region, sustainable limits, architectural guidelines, environmental safeguards and coastal regulations. It ensures that the development of the land goes hand in hand with the betterment of the local community, as it throws light on destination development, investment attractions, promotional initiatives etc. BRDC plays an all-encompassing role as it not only assists new ventures introduced in and around Bekal but also functions in strengthening the existing infrastructure like roads, power supply, sanitation, lighting and power supply.

Functions of BRDC

As the idea of tourism has evolved over the years from leisure to experiential tourism, BRDC has also grown with their prospects. BRDC was primarily developed to identify and improve the tourism potential of Bekal and Northern Kerala. Their activities have been confined to the following:

• Organising studies and surveys for a flawless development of destinations in Bekal
• Tourism development through implementing necessary infrastructure facilities with respect to the environmental parameters.
• Focus on the development and improvement of existing and new tourist attractions in and around Bekal by providing technical and other guidance.
• Identification of new possibilities of tourism in Bekal and Northern Kerala that would pave way for a framework that matches the International standards.