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    • 1. Photographers interested in submitting photographs are requested to register with
    • 2. A mobile number is to be provided in order to receive a verification code.
    • 3. All submissions of geotagged photographs are online.
    • 4. The copy right of the photograph being submitted must remain with the person submitting the image.
    • 5. Kerala Tourism reserves the right to reject, without reason, any photograph submitted.
    • 6. Kerala Tourism reserves the right to use submitted pictures for promotional purposes.
    • 7. There is no remuneration for accepted photographs.
    • 8. All complaints or clarification regarding the submission of photographs must be made via email.


    • 1. I hereby declare that I am the sole owner and hold the copyright of the submitted photograph.
    • 2. I declare that there is no obscene or objectionable material in this photograph.
    • 3. I state that Kerala Tourism and its employees and agents are indemnified against any third party claim.

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