Sree Mavilakkavu Temple

Approximate Date : 14 to 20 April 2022
Date according to Malayalam Calendar : From Meda Samkrama to 7 days

The deity at Mavilakkavu does not speak aloud as happens in other Theyyams. The legend is that while the deity was young his brothers cut off his tongue to prevent him from speaking the truth. This Kavu is also where the famous slapping festival (Adi Utsavam) occurs in which devotees hold each other by their shoulders and slap each other.

Theyyams Performing Here:



Mavilayi P.O., Kannur, Kerala - 670622, Phone : + 91 497 2826686

Contact details:

Name: Mr. Renjith
Contact no: + 91 9562534827

Name: Mr. Purushothaman
Designation: Secretary
Contact no: + 91 9074849419

How to get there:

The temple can be reached by catching a bus from Kannur and traveling on the Koothuparamba road for 13 km and then by getting down at the Keezhara stop or the Moonampalam stop.

Nearest Railway Station: Kannur Railway Station, about 14 km away.