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Malom Eco Tourism

Malom is a small town that lies lazily near the Western Ghats in Kasaragod district. Known as the ‘Coorg’ of Kerala, it is blessed with Nature’s bounty. The word ‘Malom’ comes from the Malayalam word Malakalude lokam (the world of hills). Malom can be developed into a bio-eco tourist centre given the fact that it offers possibilities for trekking, waterfalls, and adventure safari to the nearby hills.

Malom has a rich cultural heritage, which is quite distinct. A rare Theyyam of north Malabar, the ‘Mukri Pokar’, a Muslim Theyyam is seen at Malomkuloth. As it is situated near the Western Ghats and bordering Coorg, it is lush green with the same climatic conditions as that of Coorg. 

Recently, new findings (inscriptions) have been unearthed from Marutham Thattu, near Malom which throws light on the history of the region. Doubtlessly, it can be said that the Thenvarikallu Waterfalls, Thooganpara, Evergreen Hills, all will provide tourists with much delight. 

Malom Eco Tourism


• Ranipuram, about 27 kms away
• Kottancherry, about 12 kms away
• Thonikadavu, about 36 kms away
• Bekal, about 54 kms away
• Kanhangad, about 43 kms away

Things to do

• Mountain biking
• Mountain trekking
• Eco trips
• Mountain village trails
• Marutham Thattu trekking
• Evergreen Hill trekking
• Malomkulom pilgrimage


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