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Kottancherry Hills

Kottancherry Hills is a group of hills close to the Brahmagiri Hills of Kudagu in Karnataka and within the Western Ghats region in Kasaragod district. It is believed that the hills - Kottancherry mala, Kumban mala, Pannyar mala, and Kanthanppara are in the shape of a fort, hence the name Kottancherry.

To reach Kottancherry Hills, one has to travel eight kms from Konnakad in Kasargod. From Kumban hills, one can enjoy the beauty of Kudagu Hills. From Malom Hills on Kerala-Karnataka border, it is 3 kms to Konnakadu. Kottancherry Hills trekking has all the ingredients of an adventure tourism destination. Walking 11 kms through the Kottancherry Forests will take you to Thalakaveri in Karnataka. Thalakaveri, which is the beginning of the Kaveri River, is best suited for river rafting and other adventurous expeditions.

Kottancherry Hills


• Malom, about 11 kms away
• Ranipuram, about 34 kms away
• Bekal, about 60 kms away
• Ananda Ashram, about 48 kms away
• Nileshwaram, about 44 kms away
• Kavvayi, about 50 kms away
• Valiyaparamba, about 53 kms away
• Padanna, about 53 kms away

Things to do

• Kottancherry Hills trekking
• Mountain biking
• Mountain wanderings
• Nature study tours
• Kottancherry-Malom trekking
• Kottancherry-Thalakaveri adventure trekking
• Hill-village and social/tribal life


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