Eravikulam National Park

How often have you visited a national park in the background of tea plantations? Here is one such national park in the high ranges of Kerala which offers the magnificent view of hills with tea plantations - the Eravikulam National Park. Situated in the Kannan Devan Hills of the southern Western Ghats, the wildlife park with an area of 97 sq. km. can be reached via Munnar. Located in the Devikulam Taluk of Idukki district in Kerala, after reaching Munnar, you need to take the road going to Rajamala to reach this national park. 

The national park is a protected area and is divided into three regions - the core area, the buffer area and the tourism area. Visitors are allowed only to the tourism area that is in Rajamala, the region lying beyond the road entry into Eravikulam. Eravikulam is also famous for the natural habitat of Nilgiri Tahr, the endangered mountain goat and this park is built with the aim of conserving them.  

Every twelve years, this place will be carpeted with blue… Yes, your guess is correct. It is one the place where you can witness the mass flowering of Neelakurinji flowers. 


Kurinji Trail

The Kurinji Trail is a soft trekking package that lets you map out your way through the tracks of the Nilgiri Tahr and the grasslands draped in Neelakurinji. This three hour trek is scheduled for mornings and evenings.

Cost of the package

Rs. 290 /person for Indian nationals 
Rs. 560 /- (minimum two person ) for Foreigners

Lakkom Waterfalls

The Lakkom Waterfalls tumbling down the hills originate in the heart of the Eravikulam National Park offering breathtaking views. The waterfall on the roadside in the route from Munnar to Marayoor is easily accessible. Visitors can also avail services from the eco shop cafeteria and refreshing centre set up here.

Cost of the package

Rs. 20/-person 

Cascade Walk

Listen to the forest murmur to life. Let the air rich with the fragrance of the wild pour over you as you amble up the trail that weaves its way through the luxuriant Shola forests. Trek along the enchanting Lakkom Waterfalls. This one hour trek through the pristine stretch of wilderness is scheduled for mornings and evenings.

Cost of the package

Rs. 100/ person


In the abode of Neelakurinji

Ever wanted to snuggle in the lap of bustling wilderness?

Stay at Lakkom Log House

The Shola forests here guards a deep secret, a ravishing spot hidden deep in the woods- the Lakkom Log House. Here, Nature lulls you to sleep with the gurgling waterfalls humming a hypnotic lullaby which is often punctuated with the orchestra struck up by birds. Lakkom Log House is located near the Lakkom Waterfalls and offers high end accommodation. A stay here is sure to rejuvenate and patch you up for the long run.

Cost of the package

Rs. 3000/- two Indians
Rs. 4000/- two Foreigners
Rs.1000/- extra person (maximum 4 persons)


Forest Information Centre
Wildlife Warden’s Office
Munnar - 685 612
Ph: 91-4865-231587
Mob: 08301024187, 08547603199

Getting there

By Road: Bus services are available from major cities in Kerala to Munnar
By Rail: 109 Km from Aluva Railway Station and 108 km from Angamali Railway Station 
By Air: 91 Kms from Coimbatore International Airport (Tamil Nadu)

DISCLAIMER : Since the availability of Eco Tourism Packages are subject to change based on climate and other conditions, please make sure you confirm its availability beforehand. We will not be held responsible for any inconveniences caused owing to the unavailability of any specific package.

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