Thommankuthu Waterfalls

The predominant theme of Thommankuthu in Idukki district is its beautiful cascades and gigantic rocks. The dense woods give the scenic treasures of this place the best cover they could. You have to find them out one by one – Thommankuthu and Ezhunilakuthu. 

Thommankutthu waterfalls and the forests beyond the seven-step thundering cascade are for both the ardent nature lover and the adventure-seeker, a perfect place to explore. 


Visit to Thommankuthu Falls

Thommankuthu has two equally enchanting waterfalls Thommankuthu and Ezhunilakuthu. This less explored destination in the middle of a pristine forest is famous for the waterfalls and the meandering rivers gracefully winding across the wood are a sight to behold. On the way to visit the falls, you can also see a tree house. 

The boom of the waterfalls hits you from miles afar especially during the monsoon season when all streams and rivulets inside the woods gush on with their full might to leap over a series of rocks to finally reach where you stand amazed at Thommankuthu.
Timing: 08.00 AM to 4.30 PM 

Cost of the package

Rs. 30/- per person 

Trek to Nakkayam

Get your gear ready for the 5 km long trail through the rocky dense forests up. Thommankuthu forest doesn’t disappoint those who want to see its treasures stashed away deep in its foliage. Once inside you’d be so excited to discover many more waterfalls and the caves in the series. After monsoon, every inch of the earth here would be drenched and thrumming with the voice of flowing water. 

With the permission of the forest authorities, the trek will take you to Nakkayam where two big waterfalls – Nakkayam and Chekuthankuthu are waiting for you. Few interesting caves are also there. Nakkayam Cave, Chekuthan Kuthu Cave, Plapothu Cave, etc. are scattered around the different waterfalls in the trekking route. Pre-booking is necessary to avail this package and a maximum of nine is allowed in a trek. It is a one-day trek, if you reach early you can spend more time inside the forest.  
Timing: 08.00 Am to 04.30 PM

Cost of the package

Rs. 1500/- for 5 persons (Minimum rate of the trek)
Rs. 250/- for extra person 


Divisional Forest Office, 
Ph: +91 485-2822317  
For enquiry and booking: +91 8547601306 

Getting there

By Road: Thodupuzha is the nearest town and is about 57 kms from Aluva town.  
By Rail:   65 km from Aluva Railway Station 
By Air:  63 Kms from Cochin International Airport 

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