Nilambur - Nedumkayam

Leave the road and lead the trail at Nedumkayam in Nilambur. Like those precious gems hidden away under the ocean and upon the mountains, some of the beautiful places in the state are still stashed away in deep folds of nature, and you’d have to walk a bit of ground to get to it. Yes, Nedumkayam is one such place you must explore someday.


Trekking trails of Nedumkayam

Nedumkayam rainforest forms a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is one of the best places to visit in Malappuram.  One of the beautiful and dense forests in Kerala with a splendid variety of flora and fauna this area is ideal for trekking. A 3 hours trek will take you to Mundakadav waterfalls, one of the most beautiful ones in this region. On the way, you can see numerous elephants freely roaming. If you are lucky you also watch them playing in the waters of Chaliyar. Leave yourself to nature here and stroll around to watch new life sprouting here. 
Visiting time: 10.00 AM to 04.30 PM
Entry is restricted during February to April, due to possible forest fire

Cost of the package

Rs. 20/ for Adult
Rs. 10/- for children

Conolly’s Plot

An exclusive place dedicated to teak and it is one of the oldest teak plantations in the world - the Conolly’s Plot. Named after H. V. Conolly, then Collector of Malabar, in 1842 initiated the action to plant teak here and that resulted in the world famous teak plantation. The place is home to numerous large teak trees. After a short walk through Kerala Forest Department area, one has to cross a beautiful hanging bridge, which is the longest in Kerala, built across river Chaliyar, to reach the Conolly’s Plot. The plantation also houses a big tree which has a girth of 420 cm.   This is one of the oldest surviving man-made teak plantations of the world. You can stroll along the plot for hours.
Visiting hours:  09.00 AM to 05.00 AM 

Cost of the package

Rs. 25/- for Adults (Indian National)
Rs. 10/- for children (Indian National)
Rs. 40/- for Adults (Foreign national)
Rs. 20/- for children (Foreign National)

Teak Museum

Ever visited a museum exclusively dedicated to a plant species? Just walk into the world teak at the Teak Museum at Nilambur. The museum works on the campus of Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) and it houses the treasures of historical, aesthetic and scientific aspects of teak. An extensive root system of a 55- year- old teak exhibited in the portico welcomes you to this treasure trove. A model of `Kannimara teak', the oldest naturally growing teak tree located at the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, life-size replica of the trunk of the largest known teak tree growing in Malayattoor forest are some of the attractive displays in the ground floor of the museum.  Traditional granary, a miniature model of a sailing vessel - Uru - made up of teak wood added the attraction here.  The museum also has a world-class library on teak and a mini auditorium for audio-visual presentations.   Visit, Nilambur Teak Museum to know all about this tropical hardwood tree
Visiting time: 10.00 AM to 04.30 PM

Cost of the package

Rs. 40/- for Adults
Rs.15/- for children 


Divisional Forest Office, 
Nilambur North Division         
Ph: +91 4931-220232

Getting there

By Road: Buses are available from Nilambur Bus terminal. The place is 15 kms away from the town
By Rail:  Nilambur Railway Station
By Air: 29 Kms from Karipur International Airport (Kozhikode)

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