Padayani Festivals

Ezhumattoor Padayani

Date:15-04-2022 to 15-04-2022

Sree Panamattathukavu Devi Temple at Ezhumattoor annually celebrates the Vishu Padayani on the first of the Malayalam month of Medam. The festival begins with the ritual of “Chootu vaipu” on 6 days prior to Medam 1st. Chottu vaipu is followed by the drumming of Thappu and Kaimaini.

The Kolam's dance begins on the third day. On the fourth day, the group of five Kolams, viz., Ganapathi, Marutha, Anthara Yakshi, Pakshi kolam and Madan come to the padayani ground. On the fifth day takes place the ritual of Adavi and on this day the most number of kolam comes for the performance. On the sixth day the ritual of Eda Padayani is performed, in this, all the other days’ rituals are repeated.

The Valiya Padayani of Ezhumattoor, falls on the day of Vishu and is regionally known as Vishu Padayani. It is considered as the big day for the Goddess. The ritual of Pula Nrutham, Kuthira and Koladi are performed on that big night. Bhairavi is the first kolam to appear on stage which and is followed by the other Kolams like Kaalan Kolam.

A part of the seven-day festival, the main Vinodam (comic interlude) is the 'Thangalum Padayum.' In this, the performers appear in the attire of Muslim warriors. They even perform Namaz in front of the deity of the temple.  It is a perfect example of the communal harmony prevailing in the place.


Ezhumattoor Padayani


Sree Panamattathukavu Devi Temple


Kerala - 689586



Festival Date

In the Malayalam month of Medam (First half of April)

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In Kerala, festival dates are decided in accordance with the Malayalam calendar and the local traditions and customs. We have calculated the festival dates based on these. But there can be changes in the dates according to the customs and rituals associated with each place of worship. As such, these should be considered only as approximate dates and have to be confirmed with the local authorities.