Padayani Festivals

Thacharickal Padayani

Date:06-04-2022 to 06-04-2022

Alapra Thacharickal Bhagavathy Temple is the only place in Kottayam district where Padayani is performed annually. The annual padayani performance in Alapra begins on Pururuttathi asterism in the month Malayalam month of Meenam and ends with Valiya Padayani on Rohini asterism. 

The Padayani rituals begin with 'Choottu vaipu' on the first day. It is then followed by Thappu and Thavadi on the next day. The first Kolam to come on stage is the Ganapathi Kolam on the third day. On the fourth day, Pancha Kolam's performance takes place. It is followed by Pakal Padayani on the next day and in the evening the main ritual of Adavi and Pallippana takes place. The Kolam procession and Edappadyaani at Thacharickal temple are on the sixth day. The padayani festival concludes on the Valiya Padayani with the performance of Bhairavi Kolams. 

Sree Bhadra Padayani Sangham at Alapra is main performing group at Thacharickal Bhagavathy Temple. 


Thacharickal Padayani


Alapra Thacharickal Sree Bhadrakali Temple


Pothenpuzha- Alapra Road
Kottayam - 686544



Festival Date

Malayalam month of Meenam

Getting there

The temple is lcoated about 12 kms away from Ranni Town. Changannassery Railway Station, via Ranni - Mallapally, about 35 kms.




In Kerala, festival dates are decided in accordance with the Malayalam calendar and the local traditions and customs. We have calculated the festival dates based on these. But there can be changes in the dates according to the customs and rituals associated with each place of worship. As such, these should be considered only as approximate dates and have to be confirmed with the local authorities.