Global Pookkalam Competition 2021 Global Pookkalam Competition 2021

Kerala Arts and crafts village

Location : INDIA

Category : Institutions/Associations/Organisations

Cultural Traditions

Our Pookkalam represents the rich cultural traditions of Kerala. It is the combination of two dance dramas of our state namely, Kathakali and Theyyam. Kathakali is very popular in south Kerala wherein Theyyam is common in northern districts. Kathakali is a colorful dance drama of Kerala and one of the seven classical dance forms of India. It is noted for its elaborate make ups, detailed face gestures, attractive costumes and well defined body movements. Theyyam literally means the dance of gods and is a folk dance of Malabar. Theyyam is a famous ritual art form that originated in North Kerala which brings to life the great stories of our State. Theyyams are performed in sacred groves and other places usually once in a year and is also known as Kaliyattam. By combining these two performing art forms we exposes the cultural diversities of our state as well as a cultural tour from the south to north districts of Kerala.