Global Pookkalam Competition 2021 Global Pookkalam Competition 2021


Location : INDIA

Category : Individual/home


Onam is festival of Happiness just as all other Indian festivals but the best thing about ONAM that I find is it involves the whole family the kids and the old participate equally in one way or another to make it complete. Kids get the flowers from the garden, Grand parents help them with sorting and plucking the petals of flowers, men go for shopping and womenfolk do all the cooking and rituals. I tried a Vertical Pookalm this time, for a change. We are all used to see the traditional Pookalm on the floor so let us see how it would look if it climbs the walls ( steps) this time!! Also the flowers are pink rose petals rather than the yellow and orange Marigolds of the traditional pookalm!