The Malabar River cruise tourism project implemented by the Department of Tourism covers the Valapattanam, Kuppom, Perumba, Kavvayi, Anjarakkandi, Mahi rivers in Kannur district, the rivers Thejaswini, Chandragiri and Valiyaparamba backwaters in Kasaragod district and its surrounding areas in Malanad. Cruise boats suitable for ferrying visitors to various destinations along with the dedicated pathways are to be planned, designed, and operated. Cruise vessels (15), Speed boats (10), Safety vessels (4), Sea going vessels (2), Floating markets (4), Floating restaurants (2), Water sports equipments, Channel marking & Safety equipments are proposed as part of the project. Besides the inland and backwater cruises, various other responsible tourism packages have also been incorporated as part of the project. The allied tourist destinations along the cruise pathway also opens up a plethora of investment opportunities such as Beach-fort tourism development, resorts, vintage homestays, museum guided tours, etc. The approximate cost for the project would be around Rs. 65.5 crore.