Azhithala beach situated 25 km south of Bekal is a calm and secluded beach where the Tejaswini River joins the Arabian Sea. It is an ideal place for fishing, relaxation, beach sports and other recreational activities.

This project aims at improving the vehicular accessibility to Azhithala beach for all tourist groups. The new road would provide a separate entry point and a dedicated parking area for vehicles. It would increase tourism potential with the number of tourists visiting the place as a result of the enhanced connectivity. Cycling trails for tourists to ride their bicycles is also proposed as part of the project. The circuit would be constructed along the beach shore which would extend to the local settlements. Docking stations shall be set up every 2 km along the circuit from where the cycles could be rented. The cycling trail can be considered a recreational as well as a wellness activity for the tourists and a more in-hand experience in exploring the area. The approximate cost for completion of project would be around Rs. 3.1 crore.