Kadalundi, about 25 kms from Kozhikode, is a place of much historical significance. References to Kadalundi can be seen in documents of the Sangham era during which it was known as Thondi. Thondi was the headquarters of the Chera dynasty.

In ancient times, Kadalundi was a major port that had trade relationships with the Arabs and Romans. By the 12th century, the region came under the authority of the local rulers of Parappanad Kovilakam. The Parappanad ruler allowed the Dutch to build the Chaliyath Fort here, which was later demolished by the Zamorin. At a later period, the area came under British rule. 

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
Kadalundi bird sanctuary is spread over a group of islands located in the region where River Kadalundi flows into the Arabian Sea. The beautiful sanctuary, surrounded by hillocks, is home to hundreds of birds which include about 60 species of migratory birds. The mangrove forests here are a natural habitat for otters and jackals.

Between November and April, one will be able to see flocks of Terns, Gulls, Herons, Sandpipers, Whimbrels, Brahminy Kites and Cormorants. A wide variety of fish, mussels and crabs, and snakes like the Cobra, the Krait and the Viper also inhabit this wetland habitat. 

The hillocks that surround the sanctuary provide a magnificent view of the estuary and the sea. Kadalundi, with its captivating wild beauty, is a popular destination for trekkers, wildlife photographers and picnickers.