Visitors Guidelines

Guidelines and Instructions for Kurinji Visitors

  1. Do not pluck the flowers or plant. They are an endangered endemic species and an integral part of the ecosystem. Any harm to even a single plant will impact the entire region at large.
  2. Please understand that the plants will grow only above an altitude of 1500 meters and plucking them in hopes of growing them at home will be in vain.
  3. The Kurinji plants are fire resistant and act as a natural protector to the grasslands from forest fires and also check soil erosion so please refrain from harming the plant.
  4. If harmed the Kurinji will cease to exist not only denying future generations the sacred experience of witnessing its flowering but also irreparably damage the delicate balance of the environment.
  5. The Neelakurinji flowering area is a STRICTLY NO PLASTIC ZONE. Please cooperate.
  6. Do not forget, our Earth is our responsibility.