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Celebration of Kerala's Tradition & Culture

Season of Sales

Onam is also the season of sales for businessmen. A time of celebration that promises a hope to cover the losses of the year. Besides the new clothes, home appliances, electronics, groceries, vegetables etc are sold in great deals. It’s a discount mela everywhere. Businessmen will be on the run to make the most of the sales by lowering their prices. 

The markets that once dulled due to the Covid pandemic are now all set to hit back after a short break. All the stores actively attract customers with exchange melas, combo offers, discounts and cash backs. The media is also filled with advertisements for new models of TV, fridge, washing machine, oven, non-stick pans and other home appliances targeted to attract buyers. In electronics, mobile phones and laptops attract the younger generation during the Onam sale with their exciting prices and offers. 

Targeting the sumptuous Onam Sadya, the groceries are also an active part of the Onam markets. The whole sale sellers have stocked the products from other states for Onam. Although, there is an increase in local produce of vegetables, the onam sale is still dependent on the import of vegetables from other states. Many loads of vegetables are imported to the markets in the state every day. To control prices and involve the government, supplyco and consumerfed is also 

There is also sales by supplyco and consumerfed to invovle the government in the market and to control the prices. The cooperate sectors also become active with onam markets during the season. 

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