Street Project

STREET is a participatory tourism development project by the Responsible Tourism Mission. The project will be implemented in 10 selected places of Kerala based on the UNWTO's new tourism motto, 'Tourism for Inclusive Growth'. Developing/rebranding destinations into theme-based streets and widening the area of tourism activities so as to reduce the tourist concentration in the main points is the aim of the project.

The project is envisioned to develop/ transform the destinations into Sustainable Living Responsible Tourism Villages in a thematic zoning mode. STREET means Sustainable Tangible Responsible Experiential Ethnic Tourism Hubs.

The main mission is to develop thematic streets in new tourism destinations or rebrand established destinations with a thematic zoning along with local community and LSG support. The specialities of the destination like water stretch, farms, local food varieties, livelihood activities etc. will be unveiled to guest through these streets. The guests can choose the streets according to their taste. Based on the concept 'tourism for sustainable development and inclusive growth' Responsible Tourism Mission puts forth sustainable living villages through tourism. One of the major problems faced by the established tourism destinations is concentrating the tourism activities in a limited space; as a result, the destinations exceed the physical carrying capacity of the place. It's also limiting the benefits of tourism to a limited number of people from the locality. At the same time, in our destinations it is difficult to explore specific products like cultural aspects or agriculture aspects or local cuisine of the place, unique souvenirs or other specialities of the place. Generally our destinations offer a mix of all these. The project 'STREET' is designed to develop destinations with thematic zones where tourists can explore the theme in detail. The project also aims to spread/widen the area of a tourism destination so as to reduce the tourist concentration within a smaller area. Product diversification and new experiences will help increase tourist flow, while thematic zoning will reduce the density of the moving population.

The project aims to highlight the unique geographical, cultural aspects of the place with local community participation. New destinations will be developed with thematic zoning and existing destinations will be rebranded through zoning. The project aims to develop destinations by utilizing existing facilities, protecting natural habitats and ecosystem without changing the land use pattern, as well as facilitating rural development through tourism. Other objectives of the project are to generate additional income for the local community and women empowerment while preserving the unique culture and livelihood activities of each destination.

The names of the locations which are selected for street project

  • Kadalundy
  • Tritala
  • Pattithara
  • Valiyaparamba
  • Chekadi( Pulppally Panchayat)
  • Maravanthuruth
  • Manchira( Aimanam Panchayat)
  • Pinarayi
  • Anjarakkandy
  • Kanthalloor
Name of the Streets
  • Agri Tourism Street
  • Village Life Experience/ Experiential Tourism Street
  • Art Street
  • Cultural Street
  • Green Street
  • Water Street( Backwater Street, Canal Street, River Street)
  • Food/ Cuisine Street

Project Flow

The project will have state level launch program at one place and in continuation awareness workshops will organised at new LSGs.

  • 1. State Level Launch Program
  • 2. LSG level Awareness programs
  • 3. Tourism Resource Mapping & Resource Directory Preparation
  • 4. Identification of Micro Destinations, Zoning of area
  • 5. Training and Capacity building programs for various stakeholders
  • 6. Unit formation- Accommodation unts, Handi carft units, Alternate ecofriendly products units, Ethnic food units, Cultural units, Local transport providing units/water transport providing units etc.
  • 7. Demarcating streets and units with signages/ boards
  • 8. Waste management system in association with LSGs
  • 9. Promotion and Marketing
  • 10. Project Monitoring Committees

Theme Streets

  • The major elements of the projects are theme based streets as listed below. Minimum three theme streets will be developed in each LSG as per the peculiarities of the area.
  • Farm Tourism/ Agri Tourism STREET
  • Village Life Experience STREET
  • Culture STREET
  • Cuisine / Food STREET
  • Water STREET
  • Green STREET
  • Art STREET

The possible components in each street will be the following:

AGRI STREET- Agri Tourism hub of the destination

  • Paddy Field
  • Coconut Farms
  • Banana Farms
  • Arecanut Farms
  • Spices Farms
  • Dairy Farms
  • Poultry Farms
  • Fish Farms
  • Miyawaki Fruit Forests
  • Home stead Farm Visit Units
  • Farm Tourism Units
  • Mud Foot Ball
  • Agri Museums by Local Community

VLE STREET- Area practising various traditional livelihood activities of the village

  • Coir Making
  • Weaving
  • Various Crafts making
  • Lime shell products making
  • Coconut Leaf weaving
  • Screw pine Weaving
  • Cora grass products making
  • Toddy tapping
  • Pottery
  • Work sheds of Blacksmith/Goldsmith
  • Product’s Sales Points
  • Product’s Value addition
  • Small Museums of the Products

CULTURE STREET- This will be the Cultural Hub of the destination.

  • Temples, Churches & Mosques
  • Story Telling Trails
  • Temple Festivals
  • Ritual & Traditional Festivals
  • Ethnic Community’s Festivals
  • Small Museums
  • Heritage Sites
  • Historical Important Places
  • Wall Paintings by Villagers in their Homes/ Compound Walls
  • Compound Walls with Painting by Govt. Institutes, Schools, Offices

CUISINE STREET- This will be the food hub of the destination. The very authentic local cuisines will be the speciality of this area (other food items also will be available).

  • Experience Ethnic Cuisine units
  • Different food Varieties can be experienced from Various selected Homes/ (FSSAI Registered)
  • Evening Live Food Streets can be implemented in front of selected Homes
  • Local Certified designer Thattukada will be initiated
  • Only Eco friendly supply mechanisms allowed
  • Packing will be ensured in Eco Friendly products
  • All types of foods will be served

WATER STREET- The water stretch of the destinations will be covered in this street along with the various modes of water transportation and other services in moving/floating units.

  • Large Backwater Stretch/ Beaches/ Rivers/ Natural Canals- It will be a Water Based Tourism Circuits
  • Water Based Activities
  • Country Boat trips
  • Rowing / Mechanized Shikkara Trips
  • House Boats
  • Floating Restaurants by Women Groups
  • Floating Kootthambalam( Performing Theaters)
  • Floating Markets
  • Traditional and Modern Fishing experiences
  • Floating Rescue / Life Saving team

ART STREET- This street will the performing arts hub of the destination. 

  • A STREET with Artists & Art Performance
  • Performing Art Theatres
  • Mural Painted Homes
  • Mural Painted Compound Walls
  • Art Houses ( Art gallery) by Artists
  • Evening Art Performances in   selected Homes/ Public place
  • Souvenir &  Handicrafts units

Responsible Tourism Mission will lead the project implementation in association with respective LSGs.

  • State level launching
  • LSG level awareness creation workshop
  • Tourism Resource Mapping & Tourism Resource Directory (through empanelled ICT solution provider of DoT)
  • Tourism Development Committee Formation
  •  Training and Capacity Building
  • Unit Formation
  • Micro Destination/ Street Identification
  • Tour Packages Development
  • Marketing Initiatives
  • Signage & Boards 
  • Waste Management Initiatives & Bio Gas Plants
  • Infra development support for various RT groups  
  • Initiating STREET  based on various themes
  • Water ATM in Selected Locations
  • Waste Bins in Selected Locations (management mechanism by LSGs)

Respective LSGs also have an important role to play for the successful implementation of the project.

  • Take a lead role for Implementing the project
  • Ensuring Community Participation
  • Ensuring Project Convergence with STREET Project
  • Implementation & Monitoring Committee 
  • Coordinating various agencies for Project implementation

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