Disease and Pharmacology

It is important to first understand the approach of Ayurveda towards diseases and their prevention if one wishes to delve into the nuances of this form of natural treatment. The great sages who compiled the texts that define modern Ayurveda have carefully laid down instructions on how diseases must be identified and treated. Diseases can be broadly divided into the Sarira (physical) and the Manasa (mental), and their sub-divisions go deep into the root causes of ailments. External and internal factors combine to cause sickness, and the vaidyan must carefully mix perception, experience, and knowledge to chart a course for the patient's recovery.

Ayurvedic medicines are distilled from natural herbs that are used as the primary source. The concept of dravya is extremely important, as this substance, a combination of the Five Great Elements, is used to prepare Ayurvedic medicines. These medicines, administrated according to the condition of the patients and the severity of the ailment, have helped vaidyans serve patients for eons.