Global Pookkalam Competition 2021 Global Pookkalam Competition 2021

Komalam. M. B

Location : INDIA

Category : Individual/home


Flowers used ≠≠≠≠∞≠≠≠≠≠ 1.Ginger lily ( കല്യാണസൗഗന്ധികം ) 2.Butterfly pea flowers (ശംഖുപുഷ്പം) - 3.Torenia flower All flowers and leaves were collected from my garden. Idea conceived by me and my husband helped me in plucking of flowers and preparing them for the floral carpet. I hereby certify that no other materials other than flowers and leaves were used for the floral carpet. Komalam. M. B. 'Neelima' Hse no. TARA 94 Surabhi Lane Vellanikkara Kerala Agrl University. P. O Thrissur Dt - 680656 Kerala 9496466987