Global Pookkalam Competition 2021 Global Pookkalam Competition 2021

Sindudas s

Location : INDIA

Category : Individual/home

മതേവർ 2021

Verry treditional onam pookalam of thrikkakaraappan, along with muthiyamma muthachan, miniature kitchen utensils made out of clay are placed in pookalam. Verry treditional onavillu and olakkuda are also kept in this pookalam. Home is well decorated with palm leaves thoranam, arimaavu anichil, and flowers. Mahabhali is welcomed with playing music on onavillu and acompined with other musical instrumants of kerala.important flowers such as thumba, chembarathi, kolambi, kireedam, mukkutti, lotus, thechi are mostly used for decoration. Kuthuvilakku and nilavilakku with ashtamangalyam, and poovada are also used for performing nedikkal (giving food to mahabhali)avanipalaka and manipeedam are used as seats.