Global Pookkalam Competition 2021 Global Pookkalam Competition 2021

Ram Mohanlal

Location : INDIA

Category : Individual/home

Sri Chakra Athappookkalam (Floral Carpet) For World Peace

Onam, the major harvest festival of Kerala, is celebrated to honour the home coming of Asura king Mahabali who brought about peace and prosperity in Kerala. Floral carpets(Athapookkalam)is a major attractive element in this 10 day Onam festival. Our Kovoorvila family members together made a floral carpet for Global Pookalam Contest with the concept of Sri Chakra(representing world peace) . In total, we used 36 varieties of flowers including several rare indigenous flowers. Moreover, we added more colours to it by arranging Onathappan and other ritualistic elements like GI tagged "AranmulanKannadi", miniature swing, foot steps of Vamana (Avatar of Lord Vishnu) , Olakkuda, Onasadya etc... made the floor complete in our heart. So we wish all the fellow beings a happy and prosperous Onam.