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Madayipara is an extremely beautiful laterite plateau which narrates unique tales of vibrant hues in each season.   This beautiful landscape creates wonders in colors. While the rain cloaks the place in a lush green blanket, the Summer brings with it the shades of the sun and Spring makes it a sea of blue. 

Spreading across an area of 700 acres, this hillock in Kannur district is a blend of beauty and history.  Along with its picturesque landscapes, it also has an ancient fort called the Madayi Fort built by the Vallabha King of the Kolothu dynasty and a Jew pond, the remains of the ancient Jew settlers.

Madayipara is an ecological paradise rich with wide species of flora and fauna. It has a rare collection of insect- eating plants. It is also home to hundreds of bird and butterfly species and a pond in the shape of a handheld mirror. 

The place has religious significance as well. The Madayi Kavu that hosts the Pooram festival and the Vadukunda Shiva Temple makes this place a favourite pilgrim destination. 



• Ezhara Beach, about 35 kms away
• Vellur, about 13 kms away
• Kavvayi, about 31 kms away
• Chootad Beach, about 6 kms away

Things to do

• Biopark
• Mountain cycling
• Madayipara Flower Festival
• Poorakkali


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