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Kuntham Payattu


Kuntham Payattu (Kundappayattu) or spear fight is another important variant of Angathaari. It teaches a person how to use the sharp end of the spear to jab and attack, and the handle of the spear to beat as well as to defend himself against a swordsman. Occasionally, the sword and the shield are replaced with short sticks, and the spear with a long cane. Such a practice is called Kundakettukaari or Kundam kuruvadi.

The paricha or shield used by a combatant while wielding swords and spears has to be big enough to cover his chest.They are made of metals like copper, iron and zinc or with woven cane. Sometimes wood is also used to create a shield and is covered with a leather sheath. Typically, a shield has five projections, a big one at the centre and smaller ones around it. These not only reduce the impact of attack but also prevent the enemy’s weapon from slipping sideways and causing harm. 

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