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Vaal Payattu


Vaal Payattu or sword fight is part of Angathari that trains the student to cut and thrust with the sword, and various defence moves with the shield, accompanied by twists and turns of the body. Among all the weapons used in Kalaripayattu, the sword enjoys the pride of place.

But Angathaari has also evolved a system which trains a student in all these techniques without pitting him against an adversary. It is called Vaalvali. Usually Vaalvali is done using a sword and a shield. But it also accommodates combat techniques using extremely sharp swords held in both hands. The student is trained to use them effectively without causing any injury to himself! Vaalvali is truly unique in that it is the only programme within the ambit of Kolthari and Angathari that imparts training in attack and defence without an opponent. As a result, while it can be put to devastating use in duels and battles, Vaalvali can be presented as an aesthetically appealing spectacle as well.

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