Kasaragod is connected through a number of rivers that traverse its landscape. Chandragiri River tourism is a project that would introduce a boat circuit connecting Pallam, Thalangara and Chandragiri in Kasaragod. The plan includes introducing pedal boating, kayaking and a sea view park in Pallam, a region with lush green mangrove forests. Pallam would be the boarding point for pedal boating and speed boat services. The speed boat services are towards Thalangara and Chandragiri where an intermediate boat station will be developed. Other utility fragments suggested are a walkway in Thalangara, a marine aquarium, watch tower, Chandragirikadavu view and selfie point, water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, fly boarding etc. An approximate cost of Rs. 24 crore is required considering activities like pedal boat station, speed boat station, food kiosk, walkway, etc