The Nightlife Project is designed in a way that combines commercial as well as entertainment components. Nightlife is a collective term that includes recreational activities for late evening that extends to early hours of morning. This tourism project is envisioned and packaged as “One stop family-oriented destination with a dynamic mix of arts, culture, leisure & learning with the right balance of entertainment & retail (shopping and recreation) and variety food experience”. The proposed Nightlife project shall provide premium urban public space and urban entertainment components which are required in a current city infrastructure, catering to the people of all walks of life. The conceptual design of the project includes food and night entertainment establishments under the proposed flyover bridge from Karandakkad to Nullipady with a 1.7 km stretch. Facilities like a mobile food hub, restaurants, open air theatre, game zone, children’s park, street market, night walkway, pub, waste management system, dancing fountain and a parking area will be set up. The approximate cost for completion of project would be around Rs. 2.45 crore.