Waterfalls in Malappuram

Waterfalls in Malappuram

Adyanpara waterfall

Adyanpara waterfall in Malappuram is located in the Kurumbalangode village of Nilambur taluk (around 15 kms from Nilambur). Set amidst lush forests, Adyanpara is a seasonal waterfall that dries up during summer and tends to overflow during the monsoon. This site is ideal for trekking and is set upon a mesmerizing hillock flush with greenery.

Kozhippara waterfall

Kozhipara waterfall is an enchanting picnic spot situated in the high ranges of Malappuram. It is an ideal location for swimming and trekking. This less explored tourist destination is situated about 24 kms from Nilambur. A unique attraction here is the Kuthradampuzha River, whose water is said to have rejuvenating properties. Various bird species can also be spotted here.

Keralamkundu waterfall

Keralamkundu waterfall is located 1500 ft above sea level amidst the popular Silent Valley. It is located in a small village called Karuvarakkundu in Malappuram district. The place offers a wonderful view of the surrounding forests. It has a natural pool at the centre from which the water keeps gushing through the rocks. The place is a haven for organic lifeforms, and Nature enthusiasts are sure to appreciate its biodiversity.