Blessings in Blue – A Rendezvous with the Neelakurinji

Espero, a glimpse into the world of an incurable romantic
-Pooja Sarath Chandran



  • Munnar offers both busy spots and secluded islands of peace so feel free to choose places according to your whims and fancies
  • Do not stay cooped in AC cars. Open the windows to let the music of the jungles rush in. That itself transforms the experience Munnar has to offer
  • In between stop the car, step out and breathe in. It will amaze you just how refreshing the mountain air can be. You will realise in a breath just how much your lungs miss clean air.
  • Tune into the frequency of nature to hear the whistling trees, singing breeze and chattering cicadas
  •  When you notice something beautiful, stop. Cut the call. Stop texting. Stop clicking, talking, arguing etc. Just stand and stare. 
  • At the end of your ride nobody is going to remember the number of likes a picture on Facebook won you but that light-show the setting sun threw out at you just may stay with you a lifetime.
  • A hotspot for honeymooners, families and backpackers. Munnar is one place where you can just ‘be’
  • Nature lover, adventurer, laidback tourist, explorer… whatever it is that you seek, Munnar has an answer.
  • It is one of those places that’s like a good friend. It will stay with you forever just as the warm smiles and ways of the locals will.
  • Here everybody seems happy to see you. Fellow travellers, roadside vendors, rickshaw wallas, everyone. So have fun!



Blessings in Blue – A Rendezvous with the Neelakurinji

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  Munnar offers both busy spots and seclude ...more