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Ashtami Rohini Valla Sadya

Valla Sadya is a grand feast that is conducted as an offering to the almighty. Ashtami Rohini Valla Sadya occupies a significant stature among feasts of similar nature. The day is observed as the birthday of lord Krishna. The Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple is one venue where grand celebrations are conducted as a part of this. The first ritual of the day begins when the idol of lord Parthasarathy is given a ceremonial bath. Special poojas are conducted in both Aranmula and Moorthitta Ganapathy temples.

All ‘palliyodams’ that participate in the Uthrittathi Boat race will arrive at the ‘Madhukadavu’ in the temple. There are over 50 palliyodams in Aranmula. These palliyodams are given a grand welcome by the temple authorities. The rowers circle the temple and arrive at the eastern entry of the temple where certain religious rituals are observed including the offering of ‘para’ to the lord.

By 11 am, a feast is dedicated to the lord on a plantain leaf. After that, all the people and rowers that have arrived at the temple are given a grand feast. It is confirmed that no one who comes to the temple on that day should return without being able to enjoy the feast. A total of 36 delicacies are served for the feast including inji, kadumanga, uppumanga, pachadi, kichadi, naranga, kaalan, olan, parippu, avial, sambar, varutha erissery, rasam, urathairu, buttermilk, four varieties of pradhaman,  four varieties of chips, banana, ellunda, vada, unniyappam, kalkandam, jaggery, chammanthippodi, cheera thoran and thakara thoran. Sometimes the number goes up to 71. Onion and garlic are not used in the preparation of any of the dishes. After the feast, the rowers would return.

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