Dr. Rajeevan

Managing Director,

Ayurjeevan Ayurveda

A leading Ayurvedic wellness centre in Kasaragod district, Ayurjeevan Ayurveda has made remarkable achievements over the years providing authentic Ayurvedic treatment to its clients. Started in 2012, it is one of the few institutions in Kasaragod district which provides in-patient facilities. With more than 75 years of tradition in Ayurvedic practice, they manufacture and distribute Ayurvedic medicines to ensure quality in their services. Focussing primarily on classical Ayurveda treatment especially in the treatment of lifestyle diseases, stress disorders, and infertility management, the organisation has achieved a high reputation among its clients.

Dr. Rajeevan spearheads the activities at Ayurjeevan and serves as the Managing Director. Born into an illustrious family in the field of Ayurveda, he learned early lessons of Ayurveda from his father and elder brother. Even during the time of his medical studies, he practiced in the family-run Vaidya Sala (dispensary). “Moving on, in 1998 we started Trikarripur Ayurveda Nursing Home. The institution has several limitations in space and other resources. It was based on the advice of one of my clients that we started Ayurjeevan Ayurveda” says Dr. Rajeevan. The institution is closely located to Edayilekkad Kavu in Valiyaparamba, known for its invaluable medicinal plants and rich flora. He considered this feature extremely valuable when choosing the location for an Ayurvedic centre. Moreover, the place has high tourism potential in North Malabar and its proximity to Valiyaparamba beach made an additional advantage. They receive both international as well as domestic clients. For them, their success factor is the quality of service. October to April being the peak season, they experience maximum occupancy. It’s through word-to-mouth marketing of the satisfied customers that the reputation and branding of the centre have improved. Other than a few marketing activities through social media, nothing much was spent towards marketing.

“Ayurjeevan Ayurveda is an extension of the previous institutions. Hence, we did not face many difficulties in its set-up. Initially, we took a bank loan for the construction works. Not every building was constructed in one-go. We started with a single block and remaining were added one-by-one over time, based on the revenue from the institution” tells, Dr. Rajeevan. “Even so, being in a remote location, we faced hesitation from the local public in the initial days. But we slowly gained trust from the local people. Now, 18 of our employees are from the same locality and Ayurjeevan has become an organisation that intervenes positively in the socio-cultural realm of the society” adds Dr. Rajeev. He also acknowledges the efforts taken by various trainee doctors in the growth of the organisation and also give a special mention to the efforts taken by each staff members in promoting the goodwill of the organisation.

The institution also has received immense support from Bekal Resorts Development Corporation (BRDC) through the SMiLE program mainly in the form of meetings and training. He addresses the networking opportunities opened through the SMiLE program and the corresponding business scope. “Every entrepreneur in a locality gets known to each other through SMiLE meetings and they could connect each other based on the interests of the tourists,” says Dr. Rajeev. Considering the tourism potential of the area, they plan to further their venture in the hospitality sector particularly in providing lodging facilities. In partnership with the local community, he also plans to start cottages/homestays for providing a holistic village-life experience to breathe in the real nature of Valiyaparamba. “My advice to the new entrepreneurs is that, be genuine in what you are doing. Quality service and hospitality are the key points that really matter,” explains Dr. Rajeev. Being born to an Ayurvedic family has been advantageous to him, but it is only through immense hard work and passion that one could either live up to the expectations or even take it to the next level. Here, Ayurjeevan Ayurveda is a perfect example of such an inspirational story from a man who is tirelessly dedicated to his work and the service of people.