Chandragiri Fort is another historical landmark in the district situated in the south-east of Kasaragod town. The Chandragiri River that flows nearby once bordered the kingdoms of Kolathunadu and Tulunadu. The origin of the fort goes back to the times of Keladi Nayakas who took control of the region as the Vijayanagara Empire fell. Shivappa Nayak secured his empire by renovating and constructing many forts around the area one of which is Chandragiri which was built in the 17th century. The remnants of the fort which can be seen on a small hill overlook the estuary where the Payaswini River joins the Arabian Sea. The old laterite walls around the fort still bear marks of cannonball attacks. The ancient Kizhur Sastha temple and a mosque are situated near the fort. The fort is now maintained by the Archaeology Department of India. Boat services are available here that will take you to nearby islands and palm groves. Speed boat rides,houseboat cruises, island camping and wildlife tours in the hinterlands can also be arranged.