Nileswaram holds adequate significance in the map of Kasaragod as it is rightly known as the cultural capital of the district. The place used to be the headquarters of the Nileshwar rajas. The Kovilakoms or Palaces of the rajas gives us a glimpse of the architectural brilliance and mastery of woodworks sculpted in those times.  The Thekke Kovilakom, Kinavoor Kovilakom, Kovilakom Chira and the Tali temple associated with the royal family are some of them. Nileswaram palace now functions as the folklore centre of the Department of Archaeology. Nileswaram is home to many folk arts and culture and is also known for the numerous kavus (shrines), temple festivals and its handloom industries. Mannan Purathu kavu is the important kavu here where the annual temple festival is held, that draws in large crowds.