Oppana is an entertainment dance ritual performed in the Muslim community by women during weddings. The bride is made to sit at the centre while her friends and relatives sing and dance around her. The women clap their hands to the tunes of Mappilappattu and entertain the bride. It is also performed during Maarkkakalyanam, Vayassariyikkal and Maalppathukali, which are all important occasions in the life of a woman. The performance requires at least ten members and instruments like harmonium, ganjira, tabla and elathalam are also used that adds to its charm.There are two types of Oppana and the performance might vary according to the style. They are Oppana Chaayal and Oppana Murukkam. Though the performance is usually characterised by the rhythmic clapping of the performers, during Chaayal, there’s no clapping of hands, unlike Murukkam.