Thidambu Nritham is another ritual art form performed in the temples of Kasaragod. The word 'Thidambu' means the replica of the idol, which is taken out of the sanctum sanctorum for certain rituals during the festivals in the temple. This replica represents the presiding deity and is carried on the head. The Thidambu is made using bamboo pieces known as Chattams, which are decorated with flowers and ornaments. Ten people are required for the performance of which few play the percussion instruments and two of them bear the lamp. The performance is presented through various stages like Urayal, invoking the deity, Thakiladi adantha, Chembada, Pamchan etc. The performer carrying the Thidambu dances to the rhythm of the percussion instruments.Thidambu Nritham is performed only during annual festivals in the temple by the Brahmin community. It is believed to be over 600-700 years old and has undergone many changes over the course of time.