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Yoga as Treatment

Often categorised as alternative medicine, yoga has been known to alleviate chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, imbalance in blood pressure, etc. The yogic discipline is therapeutic in the sense that it allows one to better the basic constitution of one’s body.  

At the most basic level, yoga is highly therapeutic because it is a form of exercise. Like all exercises, yoga allows for optimal strain on the human body. This not only prevents muscles from losing tone or wasting but also prevents other tendencies like insulin insensitivity that result from lethargy. As an exercise, yoga increases the body’s capacity to absorb oxygen, and rejuvenates it. 

Different types of yogic postures improve different aspects of physical health. For instance,  postures or asanas that imitate animal postures help finetune an individual’s instincts. Such postures allow one to regulate the flow of adrenaline and thus manage fight-or-flight responses. Yoga is therapeutic in cases where an individual is forced to deal with the aftermath of severe trauma. 

Some yogic postures or asanas primarily involve moving the various joints in the human body. These asanas mitigate health issues like arthritis and rheumatism. They work to prevent stiffness and blockages around joints. The stretching also leads to better heart health and a more balanced blood pressure. 

Other asanas mostly involve lying on the back while focusing on the movement of one’s limbs. These asanas fall under the category of reclining postures. They work to improve the digestive functions of the human body. This means that the reclining postures help treat problems like acidity, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, diabetes and loss of appetite. Additionally, the asanas can help treat reproductive issues in both men and women.  

Asanas that focus on the pelvic region have other health benefits. These yogic postures may be practised to treat endocrine troubles. Also, such asanas are useful in the treatment of menstrual problems, and can even facilitate childbirth. In general, they help tone pelvic muscles. 

The Surya Namaskar, in particular, helps in relaxing, stretching and toning nearly all the muscles in the human body. It also helps in the holistic exercise of joints as well as internal organs. This complex asana ensures balance in the nervous, endocrine, reproductive as well as the digestive systems.

Outside of asanas, the yogic discipline uses other techniques to treat various body malfunctions. For instance, problems with one’s vision can be treated with the help of simple exercises that involve rotating the eyes and moving them sideways. These exercises are beneficial for everybody, especially if they are done prior to intense visual engagement.  

Yoga is also therapeutic in its ability to heal the body by calming the mind. It is said that the yogic practice has the ability to alleviate even psycho-somatic disorders.