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Kerala is every food lover's paradise. Its culinary tradition is known for its generous use of spices and coconut. The gourmet fare is never complete without a multitude set of dishes, from the rich, flavoursome vegetarian dishes to non-vegetarian dishes. For the contest, we have chosen some of the iconic and traditional dishes of Kerala. Now, choose your favourite ones and start cooking.

Beetroot Kichadi

Spicy, Tangy, Sweet Beetroot Delight

Cucumber Kichadi

Cool, Refreshing and Healthy Cucumber Delight

Pineapple Pachadi

A Sweet and Sour Pineapple Delicacy


Yummy Miniature Snack

Kaai Upperi

Crunchy, Salty and Savoury Delight


A Crunchy Explosion of Flavours

Mulaku Baji

Joyful Fiery Sensations to Your Palate

Ulli Vada

Hot and Spicy Teatime Delicacy

Urulakkizhangu Bonda

An Addictive Potato Delight

Paal Payasam

Happiness in a Bowl

Ada Payasam

A Dessert That's Amore

Semiya Payasam

Sweetness Overload on Your Palate

Chenda Muriyan

Easy-Peasy Banana Relish


A Ubiquitous Regional Sweet

Ethakka Fry

Kerala's Charming Teatime Tradition


Your Perfect Black Tea Combo

Uzhunnu Vada

Perfect Crispy, Soft Teatime Fritters

Mango Pickle

An Overload of Sour and Spice

Cabbage Thoran

A Delicacy Common in Every Kerala Home

Cashew and Drumstick Avial

A Cashew Drumstick Wonder


A Delightful Symphony of Flavours


Classic Onam Sadya Dish


Quintessential Accompaniment for Every Meal


An Absolute Necessity with Rice Meals

Ulli Theeyal

A Sweet, Tangy Delight of Onions


A Potpourri of Fiery Flavours

Potato Stew

Ultimate Side Dish for Kerala Breakfast

Maricheeni Puzhukku

Staple Food of Malayali


Traditional Breakfast Staple

Vegetable Stew

Kerala's Signature Breakfast Side Dish

Roasted Coconut Chutney

Get High on Coconut

Stuffed Chicken Fry

Packed with the Flavours of Kerala

Beef Chikki Fry

Fiery, Golden Meat Delight

Malabar Mutton Curry

A Feast for the Senses

Oyster Preparation

Flavorful Oyster Blended with Local Spices

Nongol Fish Curry

Take Your Palate on an Adventure

Fish Surka Masala

A Spicy Sensory Overload

Cherupayaru Thoran

Your Superfood Side Dish

Prawns Ilayada

The Ultimate Seafood Snack

Noolputtu Idiyappam

The Beloved Breakfast Food

Fish Pathiri

A Fresh Twist to Malabar's Beloved Dish

Chemmeen Ilayada

Yummy, Homemade Pockets of Prawns


Crunchy, Delightful, Traditional Snack from Malabar

Malabar Fish Curry

Malabar's Signature Fish Recipe

Malabar Chicken Curry

Tantalisingly Delicious

Malabar Chicken Fry

A Yummy Blast of Chillies and Desi Masalas

Beef Puttu

What Meat Lovers Crave for Breakfast

Aana Pathiri

An Exotic Blend of Beef and Rice Dumplings

Adukka Orotti

A Tasty Teatime Treat from Malabar


An All-time Favourite Malabar Sweet Snack

Muttamala & Pinjanathappam

Knotty, Yellow Loops for your Candy Cravings

Kozhi Nirachathu

A Perfect Celebratory Non-Veg Delicacy

Irachi Idli

Malabar's Fusion Experience

Malabari Kozhukkatta

The Malabari Avatar of the Humble Kozhukkatta

Muringapoo Thoran

An Utterly Nutritious Delight for the Vegans

Malabar Beef Mushroom Curry

A Delightful Concoction of Beef and Mushrooms

Wayanadan Chicken Curry

A Compelling Spicy Treat from Wayanad

Thalassery Prawn Curry

Thalassery's Gift to Seafood Arena

Aadu Attipathal

Most Beloved Malabari Mutton Dish


A Next Dimension Gastronomic Experience

Kunji Pathiri

Spicy Little Wonders

Irachi Pathal

Meaty Mini Meal Packed with Spices

Egg Cutlet

Classic Teatime Snack

Kallumakkaya Nirachathu

A Riot of Spices Encased in Shells

Koyi Saru

A Tribal Spin to the Chicken Delicacy

Njandu Thoran

An Indigenous Seafood Delicacy

Kozhi Pacha Vattichathu

Classic Malabari Chicken Dish in Desi Masalas

Chicken Varavu

A Heady Mix of Spices and Flavours

Chemmeen Masala

A Fiery Prawn Dish Blended with Kerala Masala

Grilled Chicken

Infused with the Freshest of Spices from Tribal Hamlets

Chemmeen Kari

A Delicious Blend of Seafood and Kerala Spices

Njandu Varattiyathu

An Explosion of Unearthly Flavours

Puzha Meen Curry

An Earthy, Spicy, Tribal Dish Loaded in Desi Masalas

Beef Pepper Fry

Sizzling, Spicy Goodness


Quintessential Tribal Breakfast Dish

Kurumulaku Kanji

Perfect Comforting Bowl Food


Taste of the Tribal Land

Thal Curry

An Oasis of Tribal Goodness


A Smorgasbord of Traditional Flavours

Koottu Kari

A Cavalcade of Taste

Cheeni Vazha Kizhangu

Easy, Delightful Breakfast Food


A Nutritious Delicacy from Tribal Hamlets

Unnakkaya - a Sweet Malabar snack

Healthy Sweet Snack from Malabar

Bitter gourd fry

Crispy, Crunchy, Golden Fries

Pappadam Thoran

Inventive, Contemporary Delicacy


A Mixed Vegetable Adventure


Special Kerala Sadya Dish


Rich, Healthy Vegetarian Side Dish

Pork Peralan

A Yummy, Mouth-Watering Side Dish

Beef Fry

Tiny, Golden Bites of Pleasure

Mutton Stew

Pot Full of Irresistible Flavours

Fish in Shredded coconut

Delicious Fish and Coconut Stir Fry

Prawn Masala

A Beautiful Collision of Flavours

Netholi Vazhayilayil Pollichathu

Delightfully Delicious, Spicy Fish Dish

Kappa and Fish Curry

The Ultimate Combo - Hot, Spicy and Delicious

Idiyappam and Egg Roast

A Homely Breakfast Spread

Puttu and Kadala Curry

Kerala's Culinary Darling

Mutton Biriyani

Kerala's Festive Delight

Kappa Puttu

The Absolute Favourite Meal of Keralites

Chicken Curry

Sizzling, Creamy Chicken Masterpiece

Fish Curry

The Classic, Fiery Fish Curry of the Land

Fish Moilee

Unique Fish Curry Steeped in Coconutty Flavour

Fish Mappas

The Classic Coconut Fish Curry of Kerala