Padayani Festivals

Ganapathy Kolam 

This is first kolam to perform in the Padayani Kalam. It is also known by the name Pisachu Kolam. The mask of Ganapathy Kolam is made of a single arecanut spathe and has a chain made of another leaf. The Kolam wears white dhoti and tender coconut leaves are tied around it like a skirt. While performing it holds two chootukatta (burning torches). This kolam is performed to please the pantheon of spirits. It is also known as the Ganapathy Pisachu Kolam. 

There is another Ganapathy Kolam, which is rarely staged now. Also known by the name Sivakolam, it has a headgear called Shivamudi and a comical hat. The face is made up in green and a skirt made of Kuruthola with red silk above it is worn. It also has a single tusk. The songs describing the birth of Lord Ganapathy are sung in a fast rhythm. Of late, in many places Ganapathy Pisachu Kolam is mistakenly staged as Ganapathy Kolam.