Padayani Festivals

Kaalan Kolam 

A kolam which enjoys a kingly status among all Padayani kolams is the Kaalan Kolam. The performer needs a great sense of rhythm and flexibility and in most places it is performed by the master artist. The kolam wears a crown shaped headgear with three or five faces. Snakeheads (Nagathala) are painted on both sides of the mask and face is painted in black. Sixteen spathes are used for making this Kolam.

Wearing Kachamani on his legs, the skirt of the kolam is made of Kuruthola and red silk.  In right hand it holds a sword and a burning torch in the left. Chenda is the main drum used for this performance. Songs telling the story of Markendaya from Shivapuranam is sung in most places. In certain places, the story of Ajamila Mokasham and Siva Mahathmyam are also sung.  

This kolam is also known by the name of Kalari Kolam.