Padayani Festivals

Manushya Kolams

Manushya Kolams in Padayani act as Vinodam or comic interludes in Padayani performances. Some of the popular comic interludes are:

Paradeshis are considered to be constant travellers who bring news from the entire world. Paradesis are experts in reciting slokas, singing and performing different forms of dances. One of the major performances of a Paradeshi includes the dialogue between the villagers and the Paradeshi. There are two kinds of Paradeshi, one is the Vella Paradeshi (White Paradeshi) and the other is the Chuvanna Paradeshi or Red Paradeshi. 

A comic interlude in Padayani, the dialogue of the Velichappadu is in questions and answers.

A Muslim character, who comes with some soldiers to pray, does a group dance with swords and shields. Their performance adds variety to the whole Padayani performance. 

Anthony, a Christian character, is derived from the story of a fisherman who helps people to cross the river. He is also a comic interlude and he talks to the imaginary travellers and the audience. He also imitates dances like Thiruvathira and so on. Usually, the Anthony performance is like a one-man show. 

Men disguised as women to perform the Manushya kolam of Kurathi. She comes amidst fireworks with screams and shouts. She carries dry coconut leaves torches and a sword in her hands. Kuravan (the spouse of Kurathi) follows her. This recital piece in Padayani is known as Mudiyattam and Kaliyattam.
Besides, there are so many Manushya kolams performing in various parts like Ammommayum Appoppanum, Pattar and the Girl, Nayarum Namboothiriyum, Namboothiriyum Valykkarum (Namboodiri and the servants), Gurum Shikshyanum (The Master and the Disciple), Masappadi and Vyarippu, Kunjarikka Maharshi and so on.